One Hundred Percent with Marcus Lemonis

One Hundred Percent with Marcus Lemonis

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One Hundred Percent with Marcus Lemonis is a little bit of a masterclass, a cocktail party and a Sunday drive all wrapped up into 30 minutes with an audience invited to listen in.

Marcus values family, community, character and ethics and helps small business owners who need his guidance and investment. His process is very personal and provides valuable insight through his ability to identify both problems and solutions. For years he has transformed the trajectory of businesses and the lives of its founders. Listeners will get to enjoy fun and unfiltered conversations centered around mentoring entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs that Marcus invites onto the show are creating products or services that will impact the world for the better.

In each episode, listeners will meet the most exciting generation of business owners, including Charles Barkley, Kathy Ireland, Al Roker and Nicole Miller, and all the innovative ventures coming to and disrupting the market. Marcus talks to CEOs, entrepreneurs, inventors and all kinds of new leaders in the only way he knows how, it gets personal. They also talk about something successful people rarely reveal, what they need to take their success to the next level. Marcus and the guest explore that question in an effort to solve that puzzle.

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While many of us spent our time in college drinking beer and playing football in the quad Muhga Eltigani built what was essentially a lab in her dorm room. There she concocted fresh new hair products using fruits, vegetables, and oils from her native Ghana to restore natural African American hair. Marcus knows the potential of the niche black hair care industry and wants to help NaturAll grow even more. Grammy-nominated singer and multi-business owner Kandi Burruss joins the conversation to talk about black owned businesses and how you can’t stop for too long to celebrate your success. You have to always be looking ahead to the next milestone.  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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